Founded in 2016, we are the first and only dedicated Yoga Studio in Djursholm.

We offer Hatha, Vinyasa and Kids Yoga from 4-11 years.

Yoga is for everyone

Yoga, just like people, comes in all shapes and sizes.

Our weekly schedule offers classes for newbies, intermediate and well-seasoned practitioners of yoga, as well as kids. The overarching goal of all schools of yoga is to broaden your awareness. Start with bringing your attention to how you feel in your body right now and choose accordingly. We’ll be happy to meet you on the mat.

Teach children what you wished you’d learned a long time ago

We offer classes for kids from 4 to 9 years old.



Djursholm Yoga


“My relatives tried for many years to convince me to start Yoga as I’m rather an intense person. Spring 2017 changed my life when I finally began practicing with Deborah! Not only does Yoga give me the stretching and core needed to feel well in my body, it also helps feel the energy flow from the…

Laurence Eeckman