Class Pass or Membership



Trial class (first visit only)

SEK 100

1 month

Drop-in class

SEK 190

1 month

10-class pass

SEK 1700

3 months

20-class pass

SEK 2800

6 months

Year membership paid in full

SEK 10600

1 year

One month membership

SEK 1440

30 days


How do I book a class?

For bookings and class passes, please use our booking system. The cancellation time is 24 hours before the class starts.

A note for new members: In the booking system, you need to have credits (for example a drop-in class pass or a 10-class pass) to be able to book a class. So if you are a new member, start with clicking on “Store” to purchase a package (see Pricing for all available alternatives) before proceeding to the booking page (“Classes”).