What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha, the “mother” of all movement based yoga, provides the basis for all other styles of physical yoga. Among the many benefits of a regular practice are increased strength and mobility, greater proprioceptive sense (dealing with the inquiry “Where is my body in space?”), and a better awareness of your body’s capabilities and limitations. All classes include a short meditation.

We offer two levels of Hatha Yoga.

People whom we would recommend taking level 1 classes:
  • Beginners and those fairly new to yoga, as well as students seeking a gentler form of asana practice. Intermediate and advanced practitioners might benefit from reconnecting with the fundamentals of yoga in a level 1 class.
People whom we would recommend taking level 2 classes:
  • A challenging class for more advanced practitioners. Good knowledge of asana and pranayama (breathing) is a prerequisite. Deeper backbends and inversions are practiced regularly. Not suitable for beginners.

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Event Timeslots (2)

This is a Hatha level 1 class.

This is a Hatha level 1-2 class.

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