What is Vinyasa yoga?

A dynamic and flowing style of yoga that links together breath and movement. Classes are carefully crafted and evolve around a theme – anatomical, philosophical or seasonal. Poses are derived from Hatha yoga, but the sequence is more fluid than in Hatha classes. Those who love to work up a bit of a sweat will fall for this style. Some previous yoga practice is recommended.

We offer two levels of Vinyasa Yoga.

People whom we would recommend taking level 1 classes:
  • Beginners to intermediate students that have a basic to good understanding of alignment,  asana practice and can connect their breath to movement.
People whom we would recommend taking level 2 classes:
  • Intermediate to advanced practitioners that appreciate a challenging class. Classes might include backbends and/or inversions.

For bookings and class passes, please use our booking system.

Event Timeslots (3)

This is a Vinyasa 1 class.

This is a Vinyasa 2 class.

This is a Vinyasa 1 class.

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