Yoga styles

Just Yoga

Classes that are labelled just ‘Yoga’ or ‘Yoga open’ are for beginners and more seasoned practitioners alike, open to everyone. In these classes we go right back to the drawing board. Hone your technique, ask all the questions you always wanted to ask or dip your toes into the world of yoga for the very first time. While we focus mostly on the physical aspects of yoga, a short meditation and/or breathing practice (pranayama) is included, exploring how yoga can help quieten the busy mind and encourage a little more calm on and off the mat.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha, the “mother” of all movement based yoga, provides the basis for all other styles of physical yoga. Among the many benefits of a regular practice are increased strength and mobility, greater proprioceptive sense (proprioception deals with the inquiry “Where is my body in space?”), and a better awareness of your body’s capabilities and limitations. All classes include a short meditation. 

Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic and flowing style of yoga that links together breath and movement. Classes are carefully crafted and evolve around a theme – anatomical, philosophical or seasonal. Poses are derived from Hatha yoga, but the sequence is faster than in Hatha classes. Those who love to work up a bit of a sweat will fall for this style. Some previous yoga experience is recommended.

Level I classes: suited for those that are fairly new to yoga.

Level II classes: here we are working with deeper backbends, more challenging asanas and inversions. Not suitable for beginners.

Kids Yoga

All the yoga fun for the young ones! Kids classes are playful classes that help children strengthen their bodies as well as encouraging self-expression and social skills. Through simple relaxation and breathing techniques, kids learn to cultivate presence in the mind, heart and in the body. Older children will work on building strength, flexibility and coordination. Partner and group poses, as well as games, will enforce social skills.

Relax & restore

Restorative yoga is also known as the ‘dessert’ of the yoga classes. Learn how to let it all go and drop into deep relaxation. Specific restorative poses, which are designed to adjust the nervous system, help the body move towards balance. A fantastic way to rejuvenate, re-balance and shake off the stresses of modern life.